If you're a landlord who only entertains those prospect tenants with good looks or personality, it would be better if you begin judging them based mostly on the backgrounds of these applicants rather than any other factors you think are enough. Background checks are crucial as these are based purely on facts, and this includes their employment and rental history, and personal information that would be very useful for you. If you were to refuse some applicants because of their poor histories, nobody would dare accuse you of discrimination based on factors like race, age, or gender if you let a particular person become your tenant mainly because of the excellent credit history and good references. How much you spend for a professional background check is quite minor compared to that which you could pay in case your tenant causes some trouble.


If you find yourself hesitating in spending some money for such background checks for your tenants, then you may want to do what several landlords do and ask for an application fee. This could be whatever cost you deem fit for background checks so that you will not have to pay for the tenant screening fees yourself. Some landlords would set out a standard requirement such as their tenants minimum monthly income which will automatically cut out those who are financially unstable and those who would most probably have trouble paying the rent.


You may be excellent when it comes to judging tenants characters and is actually very good in distinguishing good renters from people who are most likely to walk away before you demand their pay, but there are applicants who appears to be great in deceiving landlords of their appearance and demeanors. They could be so much kind, friendly, nice, and polite when they are in need of a place to live and would want to rent your house or apartment. Such qualities could definitely be genuine, and the person might really be a great tenant, but would you really take a risk of being deceived? Having an excellent appearance will never guarantee that such person is going to pay the rent due on time, but their history of good credit probably will. That is why it is best if you perform renter background checks.



Furthermore, having done background checks to your tenants, you will be aware if such person is liable for any criminal history. Related articles pertaining to this are provided in the site at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/background-checks/. The last thing you want to happen in this business is to ruin your property's reputation by having a tenant deal drugs from it. This is the very reason why a small cost of background check should not be seen as very difficult to do unless you want your tenants leave you as they will never again feel safe if they stay any longer.